Our GDPR Policy

Adinor Technologies OPC Private Limited has created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting information you submit. This Privacy Policy only applies to transactions made, and data gathered, on adinortech.com and does not apply to any other transactions with Adinor.

We are GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and TCPA compliant.

We pride ourselves on being a GDPR compliant company. Under the supervision of our Data Protection Officer, we have formulated the following policies for our bespoke campaigns :

GDPR on Email Campaigns

  • We provide links to our Privacy Policies on landing pages along with the unsubscribe link
  • Consent will be recorded and documented and can be shared with the client
  • Privacy policy will categorically state how and why the data is being stored
  • Landing pages for Germany will have double opt in check boxes according to the privacy guidelines of Germany
  • Check boxes in landing pages are not checked in automatically
  • Privacy policy also states how the prospect can manage his/her data with Adinor

GDPR Verbiage on TeleMarketing Campaigns

By giving your consent, you agree that Adinor and its subsidiaries will record your data to better help you with marketing content. For that purpose, Adinor will send you

[Client’s Name] [white paper / case study / article / infographics / ebooks]. With your consent, Adinor will share your data and information collected in today’s call with [Client’s name]. [Client’s name] will use your data to send you offers and material of a commercial nature. Adinor will maintain a

record of your data as long as you remain registered with Adinor and its subsidiaries. You may at any time request access to your data to modify, correct or have it removed from our systems. You may equally request to restrict the use of your data.